Article 370: “Rahul Gandhi can favour to enemy alleged Muslim cleric Tawhidi

NPnews24 Online: Muslim cleric Imam Mohammed Tawhidi alleged that he and Sonia Gandhi ready to cry in front of camera for own self-interest. Tawhidi made a few tweets, and in one of the tweets, he expressed anger over the role of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

Tawhidi, who lives in Australia, has welcomed the decision to cancel article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. He criticized those who opposed the decision in the context of Article 370.

In a tweet he said, Rahul Gandhi is a terrible politician who always sides with the enemy just to go against Modi. Sonia Gandhi is no better. Never forget her relations with extremists in Gaza. They’re experts in working for their own interest then crying on camera. Not professional politicians.

Post announcing of Article 370 abrogation, Rahul Gandhi said, “Some reports were reporting that violence taking place in the Kashmir valley, and soon after that Tawhidi made this comment on Rahul Gandhi.

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