Jio Fibre services commercially launched across India

NPnews24 Online: Jio Fiber will be available from September 5 2019 onwards, says Reliance Industries CMD Mukesh Ambani. He further says that Jio Fiber’s mixed reality device to be available for commercial purchase soon at an affordable rate.

In the recent event held at Mumbai, there were serious implications of the period happening in the Indian market. Jio tariff are basically based on four principles: simple to easy to understand tariff plans; average download fixed line speed in US is 90 megabytes per second.

Jio’s plans will start at 100 mbps and have plans of 1000 mbps. This will disproportionately improve the quality of fixed line data in India. RIL chief Mukesh Ambani says, “Jio fiber plans will come bundled to most premium OTT service. We are announcing disruptive service.

Using blockchain, RIL to offer data privacy for Indians; Jio will install blockchain networks across India, says Mukesh Ambani, CMD RIL.

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