Postpone State Assembly polls: Raj Thackeray

Mumbai : MNS chief Raj Thackeray has demanded that the forthcoming State Assembly polls should be postponed due to the horrific floods in Western Maharashtra.
“The situation in Kolhapur and Sangli needs full attention. Therefore, the Assembly polls should be postponed,” the outspoken MNS chief said.
He also informed that he will write a letter regarding the same to the Election Commission (EC).
He was speaking during a press conference in Mumbai on Saturday.
“The ruling BJP-Shiv Sena government is ignoring the situation in the State. The job of this government is to do only politics one by one. The government is in power and it will take some time to recover from the serious flood situation in the State and hence, the Asembly polls need to be postponed,” he added.

“They are organising yatras to garner votes. They don’t care about the voters. We never put MNS label whole distributing grains to people,” Thackeray said.
“Keeping aside what party one belongs to, we must come together ans help the people of the flood-affected area. When natural disasters strike this policy must be followed. But this current government sees nothing but elections and power,” Thackeray further said.
“If the government does not help the people in such dire situations, then with what face will they go and ask the people for votes?” Raj Thackeray asked

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