Over 2 lakh hectares of agricultural land destroyed due to floods 

Pune: The floods in Maharashtra have destroyed nearly 2 lakh hectares of agricultures land informed State Minister for Employment Gurantee and Horticulture Jaydutt Kshirsagar in Pune.
This information was given by the minister during a press conference that was held after a State-level meeting of the minister with the Agriculture Commissionerate in Pune.
Agriculture Commissioner Suhas Diwase was also present for the press conference.

“The these situation is serious. Due to floods in the State, over two lakh hectares of agricultural land has been affected. Crop damage is massive. These include orchards. The State government will rebuild them. Vineyards are also included in that,” the minister said.
The damaged crops include rice, mango, maize, millet, groundnut, turmeric, chiku, banana, cotton, among, urad, tur, etc.
Agriculture Commissioner Diwase said, “In Kolhapur district, 40,000 hectares of agricultural land has been affected by the floods. The precise information is yet to be obtained as our offices are also inundated with water.”

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