Please don’t spread rumours: Pune city police

NPnews24 Online Pune: The officials of the Pune city police have urged the citizens not to spread rumours by forwarding unverified messaged and WhatsApp as the city is facing rains and flooding.
Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham issued a notice in this regards.

“There have been heavy rains in Pune and many other districts across the State from the past few days.

Rivers, drains and dams are filled to full capacity. But during this period, some  messages for spreading the rumours like the dam was broken, the road was damaged and the bridge collapsed, etc, are being circulated. All residents are advised not to believe such  rumors and rely on official information,” he said.

He also said that legal action will be taken against those who are spreading wrong information.

“The Police Control Room (020 261 26296) and Pune Police Whatsapp Number 8975283100) can be contacted for necessary information and assistance,” he added.

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