Uttar Pradesh: 9-year-old term ‘characterless’ by school, see why?

NPnews24 Online, Gonda: A school in Gonda district in Uttar Pradesh has certified a 9-year-old boy as characterless in his transfer certificate in a bid to punish him for complaining against his teacher.

The move could hamper the child’s admission in any other school and can also destroy his career, said a parent. According to the reports, the boy studies in class 5 in Chatarauli village. He had got into a quarrel with a few of his classmates last month for which the teacher allegedly thrashed the boy.

The Parents then asked the principal to issue the transfer certificate but they received a shock for their life when in the TC, the boy was termed as ‘characterless’ under the designated column. The parents said that the school management had issued them such a TC in a bid to punish the boy for complaining against the teacher.

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