Three men turn claiming to be newborn’s father

NPnews24 online, Kolkata: Hospital found itself in the middle of an awkward situation after not one, two but three men staked claim to be father of the new born girl.

Day before real drama started, the 21-year old woman brought to the IRIS hospital, during which her mother and man accompanied her. As man delivered baby soon man reached the hospital saying he wanted to meet woman as he claimed that he was her husband.

But hospital man told second man that already another person had filled the hospital and signed as the husband and considers being father.

It followed dramatic scenes with the two men physically fighting each other in the hospital.

Hospital management had to call the police who took the two outside the hospital. As a precautionary measure, the hospital restricted woman’s visitors. Later, second man returned with marriage certificate, while the first man confessed that he was just a friend.

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