Dalai Lama to decide on his successor

NPnews24 Online: Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama, who is respected by millions as a living God, has been caught in a controversy over his recent joke that his successor a female Dalai Lama would be “more attractive”.

Recently he has been clarified that his reincarnation is to be decided by him, But later on her apologized for his controversial remarks.

The issue of reincarnation is his personal right, an aide in the Dalai Lama’s office said at the same time he clarified that any one of the political person will not be accepted.

“My reincarnation is to be decided by myself, nobody has the right to decide about that,” he often said in his remarks. “One day you will hear that the Dalai Lama has passed away, but I will come back, even if the institution of Dalai Lama is no longer recognized. I will be back,” a post on his website quoting the Dalai Lama said.

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