Khadakwasla dam 100 percent full, water released into Mutha river

NPnews24 Online Pune: Khadakwasla dam has been 100 per cent filled due to continuous rains on Wednesday. Therefore, 850 cusecs of water was released into the Mutha river.

The water level went on increasing due to the rains. It was at 1712 cusec at 6 am and 2568 cusec at 9 am.
The canal has been extended to 10,000 cusec at 10 am, according to an Irrigation Department official.

In the Khadakwasla dam on Wednesday evening, 500 cusec of water was released from the canals and At midnight,1300 cusec water was released. About 500 cusec of water was retained in the dam, while 856 cusec of water was released in the Mutha river.

On Thursday at 6 am, the water increased to 2200 cusec. Hence, keeping only 500 cusec of water in the dam, 1712 cusec of water was released into the Mutha river.
At around 8 am, the water level was 3,200 cusec.  At 9 am, 2568 cusecs of water was released into river and 700 cusecs of water released from the blackscreen.  It was 1000 cusec at 10 pm.

There is a possibility of the increase in water levels since the rains is are still going on. Due to 100 per cent filling of Khadakwasla dam, the water will be released in the Mutha river as soon as the rains are increased.

The Khadakwasla dam is 1.6 km (1.0 mi) long. The dam has been built on the Mutha river in Pune.
The dam has 11 radial type sluice gates and six irrigation outlets, flowing into two canals. It is a great source of water supply for Pune.

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