Sangeeta Bijlani’s 50s photo rocking on the social media

NPnews24 Online: It’s Sangeeta Bijlani’s birthday, and she was among the first to taker the leap from modeling to acting following her crowning as Miss India 1980.

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Sangeeta born and brought up in Mumbai and hails from an educated Sindhi family, she turned 54 today.

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……….since quite sometime I have been getting questions from all you asking me what’s my secret ? ……………………………You see I don’t mind what happens. We are all visitors to this planet and everything is temporary. Be in acceptance of what you cannot change and just allow yourself to flow and experience this beautiful journey while you are still alive, don’t get so serious guys and learn to enjoy the process. Don’t forget to LIVE while you’re still here 😇💖#pixby @jayeshoo @vipulbhagatmakeupandhair #innerwisdom #innerjourney #discovertheself #secrettohappiness #beinacceptance #liveandlove #allislove #everythingiswithinyou 💖💖💖😇😇😇

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Sangeeta who first debut in ‘Qatil’ however, she became popular as the actress in ‘Tridev’.

In the mid-90s, Sangeeta Bijlani was mostly in news for her affair with actor Salman Khan. Sangeeta and Salman Khan were even set to marry in 1994, but the wedding got called off.

Sangeeta had very torrid affair with the much-married Indian cricket skipper, Mohammad Azharuddin.

Both, Sangeeta and Azharuddin tied the knot in 1998 and he even latter divorced his first wife, Naureen.

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