Inter-caste Couple hacked to death

NPnews24 online, Chennai : A day after newly-wed couple in Thoothukudi was hacked to death by a gang of five members; the father of the woman was arrested after allegedly confessing to the crime during police interrogation. The woman was two-month pregnant when she was killed.

Azhagar remanded to judicial custody after an FIR was registered against him and was booked under section 302 (punishment for murder) of the IPC.

T Solairaj, 23, and A Jothi, 20, fell in love while working at a saltpan in the district five years ago. Since Jothi’s parents were against the marriage as they belonged to different sub-castes of the Scheduled Castes, the couple eloped and got married three months.

While Solairaj’s family living in a single-room house, his mother and sister would usually go to a relative’s house nearby after he got married.

The incident came to light when Solairaj’s mother and sister returned home at 6 am, with their screams alerting the neighnours.

Accusing Jothi’s family of the crime, Solairaj’s relatives demanded stringent punishment for them.

“They got married just three months ago. How can the father murder his own daughter? She was carrying a foetus. Into the case family has demanded compensation from the state government.

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