#EduTok, TikTok’s in-app challenge, empowering users to create meaningful content that matters

Npnews24 Online: TikTok, the world’s leading short video platform, has revealed that it has been seeing an overwhelming response for its recently launched in-app challenge #EduTok,  which empowers TikTok users to create meaningful and inspiring content around various themes with a focus on education, motivational, safety, health and wellness.

The in-app challenge, which is currently the most trending campaign on TikTok, has already garnered over 2 billion views on the platform, a testament to TikTok becoming the preferred medium of creative expression for its 200 million Indian users.

#EduTok is an effort to further highlight Tik Tok’s commitment to propel India’s creative economy and its contribution to the lives of digital natives. The videos created as a part of the campaign showcase the spirit of some of the TikTok creators who use the platform to bring a change in the society by sharing their knowledge with the larger community. This has enabled the users to not only share their inspiring stories and knowledge about a certain topic but also to build a unique identity for themselves, empowering them to reach a wider audience with similar interests.

The campaign is witnessing participation from popular creators who hail from cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bhopal and Amritsar and use using Tik Tok as a medium to spread knowledge across genres. Creators such as Urmi Pandya with over 966 K fans and Dr Animesh with over 1.7 million fans shared their educational videos on health and fitness tips with their fans. Additionally, hugely popular creators such as Mridul Madhok with over 1.5 million fans and Geet with over 2.4 million fans received great support from their fans for their videos on motivational, educational and healthy habits content.

TikTok empowers users to discover, create and share meaningful content that matters by equipping them with cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use tools accessible from their mobile devices.

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