Health Service Failure; Pregnant Women driven on motorbike

NPnews24 Online, Ranchi: A four months’ Shanti Devi was driven in unconscious state to the Chandwa Community Health Center (CHC) on a motorbike. The woman had to be rushed to the hospital as she was losing consciousness, and due to the unavailability of ambulance at that time, she was rushed to the hospital on a motorbike.


Shanti’s husband Kamal Ganjhu told media outlet that he tried arranging an ambulance for her but officials at the chandwa CHC failed to provide one citing the lack of ambulance vehicles. There was no response from anyone at 108 helpline number and we were left with no other option than to carry her 10 kilometres on bike owing to her rapidly deteriorating condition.

Doctors at the CHC then referred her to the Latehar Sadar hospital and provided her an ambulance to cover the distance of another 27 kilometres. Upon reaching the Sadar hospital, doctors asked the woman’s family to take her to the Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) in Ranchi where she was admitted and the treatment was finally started. Shanti was bleeding profusely throughout the commute, claims her husband.

Residents of Chatauag village in Chandwa block of Latehar district, Shanti and her family members are simply one of the hundreds of people who suffer the wrath of an ineffective public healthcare system. One which cannot even provide an ambulance to a pregnant woman. Responding to the situation, civil surgeon of Latehar, Dr SP Sharma told that the Latehar CHC has only one ambulance and a single 108 apart from a Mamta Vahan for pregnant women. Shanti did not get any ambulance despite the facilities and this is not acceptable, added Dr Sharma who has ordered a probe into the matter.

However to other news source he said “They had asked for an ambulance, but didn’t wait for it and brought the women to hospital on bike. If you have called for an ambulance you should wait for it. The woman now is referred to RIMS Ranchi.”

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