Unity in Diversity: Hindus gift land to Muslim for graveyard

Npnews24 online : India’s largest state Uttar Pradesh known for theirs communal clashes but on same land Hindus from Faizabad district have donated land to Muslims for a burial ground as a part of an initiative by a BJP legislator to foster amity and harmony between the two communities.

Now this graveyard has been gifted to the minority community, official added that land was transferred to the Gosaiganj Qabristan Committee.

The land belongs to the members of the Hindu community and adjacent to a qabristan, sometimes they also buried their dead.

The owners transferred 1.25 bissas of land to the graveyard committee as per procedure, the official said.

“To continue the tradition of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood in the area, this is a small gesture of peace from the side of Hindus. I hope, members of both communities will live here like brothers,” BJP MLA Tiwari said.

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