Former Egyptian President died in courtroom

Npnews24 online: Mohammed Morsi, ousted by military in 2013 after one year in office, has collapsed in a courtroom and died.

Morsi addressed the court from a cage at a hearing on charges of espionage.

Morsi, 67, had been in custody faced a mass protest after removal. Earlier activist and his family had long complained about his prison conditions, saying Morsi was not receiving treatment for serious health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Morsi collapsed moments after addressing the court in Cairo at a hearing related to charges of espionage emanating from suspected contacts with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas.

He spoke for five minutes from a soundproof glass cage was designed to prevent him from disrupting proceedings.

In March month last year, his youngest son, Abdullah said, “officials doing this purposefully to see him dead.

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