Pune airport charging extra on the name of ‘Pick-up’

Npnews24 online, Pune: Indian Airport Authority (IAA) since March 2019 started collecting taxes on four wheeler as ‘Pick-Up’ charges. Vehicles waiting in the line for five minute charge with Rupees 50 while vehicles waiting for more than three minutes charged with Rupees 340.

Over around 30 thousand and more passengers visit to Pune airport, this caused heavy traffic jam and airport authority starts charging car in the waiting for more than three minutes with Rs. 340.

Into this matter, Vice-Mayor of Pune Municipal Corporation Dr. Siddharth Dhendre and Member of Parliament Girish Bapat wrote a letter to the Indian Airport Authority urging them to take adequate steps to decrease down the fine charged for more waiting period.

In a letter, Pune city has been growing tremendously, as more and more number of populations increasing with big industrial development, setting up of new IT industry, increasing of educational migration or etc.

There are big numbers of Air flight services increases but services delivered are quite few. There is only one point where passenger arrived and departs from, such a few number of services cause concern for charging such heavy waiting charges.

Without delivering adequate services, how Pune Airport can charge such big amount is the concern written into the letter.

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