Pune : Youth pays Rs 12,400 for not wearing helmet

NPnews24 Online Pune:  The traffic branch of Pune city police has been in mission mode to recover all pending fines. Few days back, a youth was made to pay Rs 12,400 fine as there 25 e-challans against his bike number for not wearing helmet.

There are about 1200 CCTV cameras at major chowks in Pune and their live feed is monitored from CCTV control room located at the Police Commissioner Office in Camp. A team of traffic police personnel check the footages and issue e-challans based on vehicle number for violation of various rules like not wearing helmet, signal jumping, and standing after white line etc. Later whenever a policeman will catch you and he/she will check if there is any pending fine against your vehicle, if it is found then you will have to pay the entire fine amount together. You can’t pay in installments.

Therefore, before you violate any traffic rule thinking there is no policeman around, you must be ready to pay the fine as cameras will be monitoring you.

About a week ago, a SUV driver had to pay Rs 24,200 pending fine and a PMPML driver paid Rs 1400 fines.

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