Pet dog dies in explosion set up for hunting in Pavanamal area

Npnews24 Online Pavananagar: A domestic dog of a farmer in Mahagaon village died because of a locally made bomb. The bomb was set up to kill a wild boar, but the dog died as he ended up chewing the bomb.

In the remote areas of Pavanamal, locally made explosives are being used extensively to hunt wild animals. In a similar incident, a few months ago, a bull had died after being caught in an explosion meant for hunting in the same area.

The dog that died belonged to farmer Sopan Maruti Ghare. The pet found the bomb in area around the house and chewed on it, which led to the explosion killing it.

The villagers have filed a complaint with the Lonavala rural police in this regard. They have also demanded an immediate probing into the matter of the use of explosives for hunting in the region.

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