Wedding businesses see a fall this season as drought conditions have postponed weddings

NPnews24 Online Jalgaon: While the severe drought conditions have affected the lives of the population across the state, wedding business in the drought-struck Jalgaon district has been facing adverse losses.

Owing to the water scarcity and loss of income, many families have put-off the weddings of their children until after monsoon season. As no weddings are taking place this season, several businesses related to and dependent on the wedding business have been affected.

Usually, the Marathi weddings season begins after the Tulsi Vivah (a festival celebrated in Hindu households). After this, the jewellery markets, cloth stores are usually full of crowds of people shopping for weddings. However, as the weddings have been postponed, the traders are suffering big losses this year. The wedding halls, that are usually book on all the auspicious dates in advance, too are going vacant during most of the wedding season this time.

Another business that makes a great deal of profit in the wedding season is that of pandal decorators. The decorators who are constantly occupied during these four months are out of business too. So are the wedding photographers, as even if there are weddings, people are trying to maintain their expenses to a bare minimum.

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