Urbans come and gather together to beat the heat and much more to go

Akshata Patne : NP News 24 – Oh, the month of March reminds me of mangoes, heat, sunshine, buttermilk, pimples, cotton ganjis, sunglasses, nimbu paani, ice gola … and yes, taxes.

Here we are taxed and exhausted – this month of the year is challenging for the kids and youngsters too. They are high with the exam fever. Everyone under the sun needs a ray of good luck and nature offers us plenty of goodies like mangoes…and every man goes for it. You are hot and taxed, your assets and liabilities are closely counted. Now you know where you stand. The smell of the raw mangoes, and the wooden crates with hay, trigger your taste buds and mind. You are waiting to relish the alphansos but at the same time your brain is getting chewed by your chartered accountant with the bankers and investors: these guys love the tax payee utmost at this time. There are no words left in their word bank to conclude their love for them and that’s why the figures take up speech. If you haven’t informed your CA timely, be ready to make up for the lost time in the form of your monetary resources. Now this gets emphasized with countless conversations and arguments. This is simply called the final accounts of your action packed year which has kept you busy all year through. The Indian male complains more around this time as he’s bombarded with figures but, smartly blames it on the heat…that’s how we beat it! And with an introduction of a new tax format each year, he’s hot and perplexed.

Amidst all this, the Indian women is unaffected unless the corporate world has kept her bothered. She is mum on money and goes about the task of finding ways to clear the glass jars and number them for the marinated fresh pickles for the coming refreshing year. She is engaged in getting her hands on the best of preservatives from vinegar to brine. If the lady is lucky enough to own a mango tree in her backyard, she has earned a lot of attention for it. The mangoes are already accounted before they touch ground. Phew! That’s the way she counts in her potential for the coming year to make every meal palatable. So if the man is the bread winner, she applies the taste to it. The burden of taxes, transactions, accounts, audits, gross income, net profit, credit, debit fail to indulge her. Her bottled preserves serves it all – spiced up and ready to go!

Why is the Indian women at peace at this part of the year – when the youngsters and males are busy creating buzz? Well, they are at their celebrations, be it pre or post summer or winter, wedding or birthday. They are armed and ready with a plan to upscale the coming year’s menu when the Indian male is still collecting his expenses of the previous financial year. Women are wealthy – they are always flooded with tax free gifts for every said or unsaid occasion. Furthermore, they are often given good wishes that revolve around abundance from wealth coming from both sides Parents as well as in laws. Now give it a thumbs up, urbans – for all the women are blessed with Twin Assets. Pun not intended! Yes, you are thinking right – it’s beauty with brains. Take care, urbans. File your taxes on time!

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