‘Breaking bad’ inspires doctor to murder his driver

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE: BHOPAL:     In a shocking case, a famous government orthopedic doctor from Hoshangabad was arrested here for allegedly killing his driver. He further chopped the body into over a dozen pieces and immersing them in acid at his residence in a bid to destroy the evidence.

Apparently, he used a technique seen in TV show Breaking Bad to kill his driver, cut his body into over two dozen pieces and put them in a drum filled with acid to dissolve them.

According to the reports, the doctor had an affair with the victim’s wife, and wanted the driver out of the way.

Fortunately, the neighbors informed the police after suspecting the doctor’s suspicious movement, the doctor was caught red-handed while throwing the body pieces into a drum full of acid.

The accused 58-year-old Dr Sunil Mantri lived in Anand Nagar has confessed of killing his 30-year-old driver Birendra Pachauri.

Hoshangabad city superintendent of police Arvind Saxena explained Mantri, a widower, is posted at the civil hospital in Itarsi and used to live alone in his two storied house in Anand Nagar. His wife had died in April, 2017, and his 26-year old son and 23-year-old daughter work in Mumbai.

Investigation revealed that Mantri’s late wife and Birendra’s wife used to run a boutique together at his Anand Nagar house since 2010.

After his wife’s death, Birendra’s wife continued running the boutique alone and he allegedly developed relations with her. Birendra got suspicious about their alleged affair and threatened Mantri that he would expose him.

Police suspect the possibility of Birendra was trying to extort money from Mantri.

Police added that Mantri convinced Birendra to become his driver, saying that if he stayed with him all day he would know that he and his wife were not having an affair.

The horrifying murder took place in 4Th February after Birendra went to the Itarsi civil hospital around 20 km from Hoshangabad and returned in the evening. After returning, Birendra complained for toothache and Mantri gave him a strong pain killer injection, making him drowsy.

Taking advantage of his situation, Mantri first cut Birendra throat with a knife and then chopped his body into two dozen pieces with the help of a saw, which he had brought a few days ago. Mantri had already purchased acid bottles to dissolve the body parts to erase all evidence.

When police arrived the spot, Mantri still had blood on his shirt and when they searched the first floor, they found the drum filled with acid and body parts.