Indian healthcare system not trustworthy?

NPnews24 online – According to recent study, 96.5% of people across the country do not trust the healthcare system, on the other hand, the study also revealed that 67.8% respondents do not trust hospitals. Rising costs of healthcare has prompted many Indians to focus more on health insurance.

62.8 per cent of Indians believe having a health insurance policy is an absolute necessity and around 85 per cent believe health insurance should be bought by the age of 30 years.

India’s leading preventive healthcare ecosystem and released in the fifth edition of ‘India Fit Report’. India Fit Report 2019 is a result of a year-long study of over 700,000 users – a first-of-its-kind report that presents a holistic overview on the health and lifestyle of Indians across different parameters such as steps taken, lifestyle diseases BMI, nutrition, water, stress, sleep, gut health and immunity, smoking and alcohol consumption.

The report indicates that despite increasing awareness about the importance for a health insurance policy, 20 % of the respondents still don’t own one. The common idea that continues to prevail is that insurance is confusing to understand, a prime reason that discourages people from buying one.

Strangely, 90 %of people believe healthier people should pay lower premiums on their insurance policies. Whereby, 70% are willing to share health data with insurance companies to get a discount on premiums.

Respondents strongly have faith in cashless hospitalisation (87.9 pc) is the most desirable health insurance benefit followed by medical bills reimbursement facility of 67.7% and better treatment in best hospitals id 59%.

The report also indicated that 38.3% people between the age group of 20 and 45 years suffer from at least one lifestyle disease ranging from diabetes, blood pressure, cardiac issues to thyroid and acidity. In the last two years, lifestyle diseases have shown an increase as well as cholesterol among people have increased from 10.1 % to 14.1 %. High blood pressure is also on the rise, with an increase from 9 % to 12 %.

Increase in lifestyle diseases and medical costs, coupled with a lack of trust in healthcare, has prompted people to get active and be healthy. This also arises from the fact that people are not wanting to spend their life being disease struck.

The report also reveals that there is a growth in running and cycling among people. Conscious of being healthy has also led people to sleep and take rest more.

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