‘Toothbrush’ not a regular love story: Samir Soni

Mumbai, Dec 22 (IANS): Actor Samir Soni says the short film “Toothbrush” is not a regular love story.Directed by Tania Deohans, “Toothbrush” stars Samir and Kristine Zedek. “To be honest, the script at first left me thinking for a few hours and I knew I had to do it. It is not a regular love story.

It has too many twists that do not appear out-rightly in the beginning and the plot will definitely leave the audience with a question mark,” Samir said in a statement.”Besides the script, I was extremely impressed by Tani”s vision and the maturity with which she handled a fairly intricate non-linear screenplay,” he added.

It narrates an emotional story of a married couple and eventually weaves into a maze-like chronicle. “Initially when I just started writing the script, I had one thought in my head – fear of loss. What would someone do, if that took over everything? The core idea is something that made me uncomfortable and by making a movie out of what makes you cringe is what makes it all fun,” said Deohans.

The film released on ZEE5 on Friday.”It is a love story, but not something that you have seen before. Tania, the director, has beautifully woven multiple themes in the narrative and Samir Soni has done complete justice to his character,” said Manish Aggarwal, Business Head, ZEE5 India.


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