Wind up your work early! Banks will remain closed for 5 days from…

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE- If you have any work in banks, quickly winding it up would be better because banks are going to remain closed for about 5 days.

On 21 December, due to the protest of bank workers, the bank will be closed for five days. After this day that is on December 22, due to being month’s 4th Saturday, all the banks will be closed across India and 23 December is Sunday.

Banks will reopen on 24 December, but due to 25 December being Christmas all the banks will be on holiday, whereas on 26 December, United Forum of bank workers has announced a protest which means all the government banks will be closed on this day. From 21 to 26 December, between these six days, the bank will reopen for only one day.

The fusion of three big government banks by the Central government and to increase 8% fees and to protest against the United Forum of Bank, Union’s Ashwini Rana said that the government is not fulfilling their demands due to which he has taken this decision.

According to reports, Bank Union is demanding 25% increment in their wages. Most of the schemes of government are implemented by the bank itself. The government has increased the salary of central workers, whereas there is a slight increase in the wages of bank workers. There are a total of around 10 lakh government bank workers.

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