Lesson learnt hoardings should not exceed 40 feet!

PUNE: NP NEWS 24 ONLINE- After the tragic hoarding incident in Pune, the lesson seems to be learnt now. As per the Pune municipal corporation, now no one has the right to impose high flexes according to their wish.

Now, strict limitations on the height of hoardings which can be imposed on roadsides have been set. The maximum height of a hoarding measured from the ground can be 40 foot, such has been declared by the municipal corporation. Not only this, but the rule also implies to the flexes imposed besides the flyovers.

Last month, a tragic hoarding which took place in Shahir Amar Chowk, Mangalvar Peth area of Pune took lives of four people including auto-rickshaw drivers and which also destroyed vehicles after a huge hoarding fell down on the busy road of the chowk. This hoarding had a height of more than 80 foot.

To avoid such accident in the near future such strict decision has been taken by the municipal corporation. As per the decision, municipal authorities had a meeting with Pune Outdoor Association and Ad representatives.

In this meeting, it was ordered to all the violators of advertisement and plank control law 2003 to impose flex as per the rules and not violate them.

The maximum height of the flex set is:

According to the orders given in the meeting, the hoardings which are fixed on the road should be maximum 40 foot high from the grounds of road and hoardings fixed on a terrace should be maximum 40 foot high from the terrace.

The advertisement hoardings should be two and a half metres far from the roads.  Any internal part of the hoarding must not reach the roads such should be taken special care of. Apart from this, many hoardings in the city which do not fulfil the criteria of 40 foot will be removed or decreased in height.

Hoarding must be placed far from the road at a safer distance. And, if the concerned advertisement hoarding owners do not follow the mentioned height and abide by the rules, then the hoardings will be pulled down.

In the areas consisting flyovers in Pune, such rules will be followed. Various flexes are being imposed on the flyovers which are way high than the size of the flyovers. Sky Sign advertisements on flyover were violating the 40 feet rule and after implementation of law, the height is being reduced.

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