Day ago Ambedkar’s death anniversary, Ambedkar’s statue vandalised!

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE- The notorious find their way out to disturb the peace in society some or the other way! A day ago, before the arrival of Ambedkar’s death anniversary, one of his statues in Andhra Pradesh was allegedly ruptured by some mischievous people on Wednesday.

6 December 1956, which is celebrated as the death anniversary of B.R Ambedkar known as ‘Mahaparinirvan Divas’. People all over the nation should pay tribute to him, such incident disrespecting the great person is unacceptable and has caused outrage of people living in the Pedagantyada area of Andhra Pradesh.

The nose and ears of B.R. Ambedkar’s bust were found broken by some unknown people after which protests were led by some regional political parties and followers of Ambedkar.

Earlier, Ambedkar’s statues were found vandalised in places like Ambala and Lucknow of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. In the month of March, statues were also damaged in Meerut, Budaun, Saharanpur, Firozabad, and Bulandshahr.

People of Andhra Pradesh have got angry over this incident. Now, the police is investigating on this matter as to who all were involved in this act and according to them as soon as the culprits responsible for it are found, they will be held as the culprits have absconded.

According to data, this is not the first time such case has come up. Every month a bust of Ambedkar is damaged. Earlier, in the month of July in a similar incident, the face and hands of statue were damaged in Majhola town of Moradabad.

Another incident came up when statue of Dalit icon was destroyed in a village based in Ballia, in which face and finger of statue were vandalised by some unknown men.
Such hidden antisocial elements exist in our society who try to break the peace and harmony who need to be dealt seriously by police.