#377 Man kills wife to marry gay boyfriend, gets life imprisonment

London : NP NEWS 24 ONLINE –  We all have read news like husband went absconding with his girlfriend leaving his wife alone, or even murdering her. But in London a husband has murdered his own wife as he wanted to marry his gay boyfriend. This guy is an NRI, the name of the husband is Mitesh Patel and  wife is Jessica Patel (34), he has been penalised with life time imprisonment.

The London police investigated further in this matter and found out that the husband killed his wife to get married to his boyfriend.

The murder took place this year in May, husband lied to the police that the thieves who entered the house with the intention of robbery killed his wife.

But in the court proceeding it was proved that Mitesh killed Jessica. Mitesh met a guy on a Gay named Amit Dating website but as he was married he could not get married to a guy, thus he planned to kill his own wife.

Amit is a professional Pharmacist and a homosexual. When she got to know that he is homosexual he killed her. He also planned to get the insurance money which was 20 lakh dollar. He wanted to start a new life with his boyfriend.  


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