70-year-old man who used to operate sex racket under the name of finance company busted  

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE –  In a shocking incident in countries financial capital Mumbai a 70-year-old man has been arrested by the police who used to operate a sex racket under the name of a finance company. Police have recused 3 girls from the site and one of them is a minor.

Name of the 70-year-old is Ramik Bhai Patel.

He used to run this sex racket in Varali’s Mahalaxmi Co-Operative society. He was doing this since last 3 months, is what he confessed. He opened a finance company named Gajalaxmi. As soon as the police got the information that he is running a sex racket they send a fake customer and confirmed the happenings.

Based on the information received, police inspector Prabha Roul raided Patel’s office on Saturday night with a squad from the Worli Police Station. At that time, police found two women and a minor girl and also recovered photos of many girls on Ramnik Patel’s mobile phone.

In the raid police rescued 3 girls one of it was a minor. Police found out that in his fake office he had made 3 independent room where the sex racket used to take place.

He planned everything in the first week of the office he used to invite finance related people in the office so that no one from the society gets to know about the racket. Then he started the sex racket. He used to send photos of girls on WhatsApp and used to decide money on it.

Ramnik Patel was contacting customers via WhatsApp and was sending photos of girls to the customers. Some women’s identity cards were also found in his office during the raids. Patel has said that the girl was an employee but during the interrogation, it was revealed that the girl was forced into prostitution there. Patel has been in business for the last three months.

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