US pub post-Hindu gods poster on toilet walls, the Indian woman makes pub owner say sorry 

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – We all have seen Hindu gods appearing in the most unbelievable of places. We have seen the poster of God Ganesh, infamous US series ‘13 reasons why’. In the West, there have been incidents of Ganesha appearing on toilet seats as well and the face of Ram on shoes. But what Indian-American Ohio girl Ankita Mishra saw a few weeks ago at a pub in New York probably beats them all by a mile.


Ankita walked into a pub, House of Yes, in Bushwick, New York. House of Yes describes itself as “Weird. Wild. Wonderful. A performance fueled nightclub and creative venue programmed with eclectic events and fabulous dance parties.”


Inside their VIP bathroom, Ankita was in for a rude shock. In a blog post, Ankita wrote, “…last month, during a night out with friends, I could not stay quiet when I suddenly found myself in a curiously-decorated VIP bathroom inside House of Yes in Bushwick, NY. The walls were papered with bejeweled images of Hindu gods like Ganesha, Saraswati, Kali, and Shiva.”


The ‘queer emerging artist’ did not sit silent this time around. Mishra wrote an email to the pub, telling it just like it was.

Ankita heard back from the pub in an apologetic email, “ I am sorry for not taking the time to fully understand and research the deep history of the culture I was inspired by before using it to decorate. I feel awful that you had to experience this type of cultural disrespect at House of Yes of all places.”

Ankita went on to write, “I had broken my silence and spoken up. Kae’s response was everything I had convinced myself was impossible: an apology. And yet why did I fear her apology so much? Is it because some hurting goes so deep, genuine remorse cannot erase it?”

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