…. Then will throw out CNN’s journalist: Donald Trump

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE- There is an argument going on in between a group of media and US President Donald Trump. It was started a few days ago at a press conference, where there was a clash between  President Trump and CNN’s journalist Jim Acosta. Acosta’s press pass was suspended by the White House after a dispute with Trump in the press conference and he was banned from participating in other meetings.

However, this dispute does is not stopping. Trump has made a controversial statement in an interview given to a news channel. If Acosta behaved rudely once again, he will be thrown out of the press conference.

Trump’s statement may create new controversy. On Tuesday, CNN had gone to court after Acosta’s press pass was suspended. The suspension of Acosta’s pass means the violation of freedom of the press on government decisions, the CNN had told in the court.

After the appeals of the CNN, US Federal Judges ordered the White House to give Acosta’s press pass on Friday. However, even after the court order, this matter isn’t closed.

Trump made a controversial statement in an interview to Fox News. He said, ‘It is not a big deal to give the press pass to Jim Acosta again, But if he misbehaved again, he will be thrown out of the press conference.’

Earlier of this month, there was a dispute between Trump and Acosta regarding a question related to Central American passengers during a press conference. The White House had said, Acosta’s behavior was immoral and insulting.

During the press conference, Acosta had asked questions regarding an issue of Central American passengers. Trump was trying to avoid, to answer this question. He often called Acosta to sit, but Acosta was constantly asking questions. Then there was a state of tens condition. Then Trump also said, Now, let me run the country and you better focus on CNN.