The man who turned vacant land into Agriculture Tourism


NP NEWS 24 ONLINEAs like of proverb, ‘Growth comes only through continuous efforts and struggle’, a Kumbhargaon based farmer turns his useless land into Agriculture Tourism by continuous efforts and hard work. Kundalik Dhumal is the name of that farmer who have built an agricultural tourism site on his 7 acres of land.

Kumbhargaon is a village about 100 kms from Pune- Solapur highway.  Actually, Dhumal had 7 acres of land but this land was such that it was not producing enough income.

agricultural tourism

Initially, he started doing farming in this land. But he was not getting much income from this farm. So, he decided to run a grocery a store for income, but he failed in it.

After that, he got training of agricultural tourism from MITCON, which is run by government. After this, he decided to make his land as an agricultural tourism spot.

Ujani’s water is like a boon …

The Ujani dam reservoir in Solapur district is a boon for the surrounding villages. Kumbhargaon is also one such village. The  important feature of Ujani is that many migratory birds come here in the winter season.

Dhumal took idea from this and  realized that the same thing can also be important for agriculture tourism. Therefore, he decided to show the foreign birds coming at his agricultural tourist spot -‘Ujani Park’ along with the farm.

Around 200-250 foreign birds comes here, like Greater Flamingos, Black headed Ibs, black wing stilt, red vatlad lapwing etc.  apart from this, the tourist also gets things like  homemade food, sky inspection, living in tents, bullock cart and tractor ride.

He has also planted vegetables and fruit seeds like mango, Sitafal, Ramphal,  cauliflower, coconut etc. These trees are introduced to every person coming here. The tourists also gets good quality organic vegetables from here.

agriculture tourism


Employment through Agriculture Tourism

It is not limited up to Dhumal only, people from the village also got employment through this. Some young people from the village work on boating and some as a guides. The women of this village also got employment.

Initially the trees was not growing on this place. So, it was a great challenge to grow plants here. The number of workers from the other state used come here, so  these workers allowed to stay on his land. And in return he said to workers that  ‘you should grow a tree’. His idea succeed more than his expectations.


Due to climate changing, currently agriculture business is in danger. But if you developed your farm as an agriculture tourist spot, then you will also earn income from it. Young people should not think only about farming, but they should ting about  this option too. His wife Vaishali Dhumal and his family also helps him in this work.

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