Pune Ladies turns into bouncers at night

PUNE: NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – The women of Pune are taking the city by a storm by forming an all-female bouncer club to help protect women in bars and pubs.

Swamini Lady Bouncers (SLB), the organization which employs the women, was started by Amita Kadam in 2016. She told that she got inspired by her brother-in-law who is also a bouncer.

The firm began with five recruits and now is a team of 50 bouncers who work in pubs and events across Pune. These women who never wore a shirt and pant soon gave away their awkwardness and gained confidence in their new attire.

Kadam is also a former beautician said, “Women’s safety has always been a concern… I had seen my brother-in-law be a bouncer and it fascinated me. It’s like a policeman’s job, isn’t it? I shared my thoughts with my husband, about how if there were women security guards, then why not women bodyguards. He spoke to Swapnil about it, and that’s how my journey started.”

She added, “Gathering women to form a group was an issue though, as I had to convince their parents and husbands… there was the concern of events getting over late in the night, sometimes in the wee hours. It was slow going, but now, after 18 months, I have 49 women (and counting) with me. Most of them are domestic helps earning a measly amount every month. Now, they get anywhere between Rs 600 to Rs 1,000 per event.”

For some employees, irregular working hours was an issue, but Kadam successfully convinced their families and took extreme care about their safety and travel. Kadam further mentioned that the recruits are trained in self-defence, communication and management skills. “We do not encourage violence but if someone messes with ladies, they know how to defend themselves,” said Kadam.

Reportedly, Bouncers said that the job has brought them respect and dignity. One of the employees claimed while providing security to other women, they are also able to afford a good education for their kids.

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