The real reason why teacher strip searched girl student in Punjab’s school

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – In a shocking incident, around 15 girl students of Class 7 and 8 were strip-searched at a government school in Punjab by teachers.

The incident happened at a school in Fazilka district after a discarded sanitary pad was found in the toilet. The teachers were trying to find out which of the girls did not dispose of the sanitary napkin properly.

Two teachers were transferred and an inquiry ordered after the matter was brought to the notice of Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, an official spokesperson said Saturday.

An official spoksperson said Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has taken notice of the incident and two teachers of the school have been transferred. One of the accused teachers has gone in hiding.

The chief minister has also directed Education Secretary Krishan Kumar to complete the investigation by Monday and take further action as necessary.

The district education officer was asked to visit the school, and on questioning the students and their parents found prima facie evidence of the involvement of the two teachers.

A government spokesperson said further disciplinary action, according to rules, will be taken after the students’ statements are recorded and the inquiry report received. Amarinder Singh asked the education secretary to personally monitor the investigation and update him with the final report on Monday.

In a similar incident in March this year, nearly 40 girls were reportedly asked to strip in Madhya Pradesh’s Sagar city after a used sanitary napkin was found in their hostel premises.


The girls had alleged that the warden ordered this outrageous decree to ascertain which girl was menstruating and might be responsible for not disposing the pad properly.

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