#Avni: Tigress that killed more than 13 people finally killed

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – A man-eating tigress named Avni who is believed to have been responsible for 13 deaths in Maharashtra was reportedly killed in the state’s Yavatmal region on Friday night.

The Supreme Court had earlier this year issued ‘shoot at sight’ orders against the tigress, officially called T1, and dismissed appeals by animal rights activists to capture her alive instead.

The tigress officially called T1 has been shot dead by the team of hunters which was dispatched to eliminate her.

The five-year-old tigress was shot dead on Friday night from near a road in Borati village by Asgar Ali Khan, son of sharp-shooter Shafath Ali Khan who was heading the hunt for her.

She was killed in a single shot, from point blank, without even making an attempt to tranquilize her and capture the tiger alive, which the activists were demanding.

More than 9,000 people had signed a petition on Change.org calling for the tigress to be captured alive rather than killed.

Tigers do not generally attack humans, but some experts believe they can get a taste for human flesh if they have attacked once.

India is home to more than half of the world’s tiger population with some 2,226 of the animals roaming its reserves, according to the count in 2014.
In October 2016 armed forest guards shot dead a man-eating tiger in northern India.

It was blamed for killing three villagers, including a woman outside Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand state. Villagers celebrated by parading with the dead animal’s carcass for nearly three hours.

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