2.0 Trailer launched: Akshay Kumar says “Mobile is the Real Demon”

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE – 2.0’s trailer is finally out and it’s mind-blowing! Not just Chitti’s rebooted avatar but Akshay Kumar as antagonist totally stands out. Rajinikanth has made sure, right from the time he was working on Enthiran, that the VFX of the film is top notch. In fact, the VFX of the sequel beats all of the films that he has done so far. Also, Chitti finally finds his lady love in this one. The trailer of Enthiran has all the elements combined to get fans excited about the film. It has a bit of the song, the romance angle, Chitii’s heroism, the fallout and so on.

Akshay Kumar, who plays the antagonist in the film in an earlier interview to news agency PTI said: “I’ve never done a role like this in my entire career. And, I’ve never seen anyone doing a character like this. It was a whole new experience to play the role of an anti-hero,” PTI reported Akshay as saying while promoting the movie in Dubai. 2.0 marks Akshay’s Tamil debut.

2.0 will be Rajinikanth’s second film this year after Kaala. Kaala, which released in June this year, was directed by Pa Ranjith. Kaala, produced by Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush, wasn’t a blockbuster but it fetched a decent number at the box office.

2.0 will release close to a decade after Enthiran (Robot in Hindi) hit the screens. Enthiran hit the screens in 2010 and did an exemplary performance at the box office. Both Enthiran and 2.0 have been directed by Shankar.

Here are 5 things that are different in both the trailers.

1.    The plot of the films

Enthiran’s trailer pretty much revealed the entire plot barring a couple of trivial ones but 2.0’s plot still remains a mystery. We know that Akshay and Rajinikanth will have a major face off and that mobile phones play an important role in the plot of the film.

2. Chitti’s new look

Chitti’s rebooted version is far more confident and snarky as compared to the one in the previous film.

3. 2.0’s trailer is more antagonist-centric

Enthiran’s trailer was all about how cool and strong Chitti is, since it was an introduction to the genre and the character. The sequel introduces Akshay as the new villain and this will probably be one of the best roles he has played in a long time.

4. Less romance and glamour in 2.0’s trailer

Enthiran’s trailer had a lot of glamour and romance in it, thanks to Ash but 2.0’s trailer is more focused on Akshay and Thalaiva. Amy Jackson has a blink and miss appearance in the trailer.

5. VFX has been upgraded

The VFX of 2.0 is clearly much better than the one in Enthiran. The first film of the franchise was one of Thalaiva’s best, considering the genre and all the work that went behind making it. Rajinikanth has made sure that the team works twice as hard and best in the sequel. 2.0 is a visual treat!