‘Water crisis’: Punekar takes empty buckets at the mayor’s residence

PUNE: NPNEWS24 ONLINE- Water issue is becoming critical day by day in Pune. People from Revenue Colony took empty buckets and hit directly the Mayor Mukta Tilak’s residence on Sunday, October 28.

Mayor Mukta Tilak and MP Anil Shirole assured that the water supply issue will be resolved within next 15 days. There is no water supply in many areas of Pune. Since tomorrow water will be supplied only once in the Pune city, due to the water scarcity in Daund, Indapur and Haveli area.

What exactly is water issue?

Today, the people from Pune’s Revenue colony took empty buckets in their hands and directly went at the Mayor’s residence and sat there.

The matter has become more serious since the last 15 days in the Revenue Colony. There is a large number of senior citizen who live in Revenue Colony area. So people have to face a big problem and they are in more trouble. While people were standing outside the mayor’s house. After that there was a meeting at the Mayor’s residence on water issue in the presence of Member of the Parliament (MP) Anil Shirole.


People were not ready to believe even after the assurance given by mayor Mukta Tilak and MP Anil Shirole. People had asked for a written assurance but they didn’t get it. Citizens warned that if the water supply not continues till November 3, then they will do the agitation by stopping the Jangli Maharaj road.

Water crisis in Pune:

While answering to the water supply issue administration said that, the water supply got disturbed after the earlier incident of canal burst. Due to this incident of canal burst, flood occurred near the Dandekar Bridge of Pune.

Lakhs of litres of water was wasted in this incident. As well as, the leakages also occurred after releasing water from canal, so we have to release more water. The administration department also said that, Punekars need to use water very carefully.



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