Kerala Police mistaken cop to be a Sabrimala agitator

Kerala: NP NEWS 24 ONLINE– Last week, a violent protest was carried by the commoners of Kerala on the Sabarimala verdict.

Prior to which, Kerala police made a list of 210 suspects were allegedly involved in the Sabarimala verdict. Out of one suspect listed in the 167, no. was delisted by the Kerala police after realizing that it was a mistake.

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After making the list, it was sent for verification to all district police chiefs. The Kerala police posted on social media that, the suspect was actually a cop and admitted that it was their mistake.

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“Truth is that this is not a look-out notice; these are pictures of people suspected to have engaged in violence at Sabarimala, collected from in and around the temple. These details have been sent to all district police chiefs to investigate and nab the real culprits. Since we confirmed that he (Ibrahim) was caught in the violence while returning from duty, as the mob attacked the vehicle he was driving, we decided to remove him from the list of suspects,” the post read.

The person in the picture was identified as Aashiq, a constable in the KAP 1 battalion stationed at Sabarimala.

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