A complaint filed against Smriti Irani after Sanitary Napkin verdict

PATNA: NP NEWS 24 ONLINE– The removal of the ban from menstruating women to enter the Sabarimala temple in Kerala was a historic decision by SC on which people expressed their reactions in various ways.

While some women were happy with the decision, many women in Kerala agitated and conducted violent protests against the verdict.

Central minister Smriti Irani in an event called ‘Young Thinkers’ conference in Mumbai a few days ago, gave a statement on Sabarimala verdict explaining about how a napkin seeped in the blood cannot be taken to God’s house which gained a lot of controversies. After which, a complaint was filed against her on Wednesday.

Smriti Irani said, “I am nobody to comment on the Supreme Court verdict but I believe I have the right to pray, but not the right to desecrate.”

“Would you take sanitary napkins steeped in menstrual blood and walk into a friend’s home? You could not. And would you think it is respectable to do the same thing when you are walking into the house of God? So that is the difference,” added the minister.

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The name of the complainant reportedly is Thakur Chandan Singh. He is a lawyer in Sitamadi district court, Bihar.

Singh on against of this statement in the court of chief judicial magistrate Saroj Kumari, a complaint was filed against Smriti Irani and on the objection of women entering the temple under IPC sections 295 A, 353, 124 A, 120 B.

With this, Singh also mentioned Smriti Irani’s calling the women and girls of India to be impure was wrong. As it not only hurts the sentiments of women but insults the verdict of SC.

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A five-bench judge constitution gave a verdict on allowing all ages of women to enter the Sabarimala temple on 28 September. But, unhappy with the decision many women started protesting against it after which the women are stopped from entering the temple.

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