Here’s a Good news for Irfan Khan Fans


NP NEWS 24 ONLINE: The fans of actor Irfan Khan who is known for his extraordinary acting skills can take a sigh of relief. Irfan Khan, who was being treated of cancer, has now been cured.

Since a long time, Irfan Khan was suffering was suffering from cancer. And, was being treated in abroad is finally coming back to India after being completely cured and is again ready for a comeback in Bollywood such is reported by his spokesman.

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Meanwhile, the time period of Irfan Khan in abroad getting treatment was difficult for his fans as a huge number of people prayed for his well-being, right from the fans tweeting and posting various posts on social media praying for him to come back.

The actor’s spokesman talked about Irfan Khan coming back to India since the Bollywood movie ‘Hindi Medium 2’. During this time, he also gave a statement on the actor’s returning back to India.

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On Wednesday, the spokesman confirmed the rumours of the actor coming to India soon and shootings of movie ‘Hindi Medium 2’ will be started to be wrong and informed that the actor might return after Diwali.

He said, “The rumours of the shooting of the movie to be started in the month of December cannot be confirmed but still we can expect him to return India after Diwali”.

Also, according to reports, there were rumours of him returning to India for the sequel of his blockbuster movie ‘2017’ which were false.

Irfan Khan revealed about his disease this year in the month of March. He told people that he was suffering from high-grade neuroendocrine cancer. Such disease is rarely observed in people and they have less knowledge about it. Also, there are few chances of getting fully cured in this disease.