US Threatens India to buy ‘F-16’ fighter jets from them

NP NEWS 24 ONLINE- The United States (US) of America which was considered as India’s best friend, now started threating to India. India purchased Rafael jets from France and later on its scam get exposed. Then India made the deal of ‘S 400’ missile system with Russia, which was not liked by US and then US started using language like ‘We will see if India makes this deal with Russia.’

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After that, India signed the agreement with Russia. Now, after sectioning of this deal, the US started compromising and said, ‘As India signed agreement of ‘S 400’ missile system with Russia but India have to purchase ‘F-16’ fighter jets from the US also, otherwise we will make restrictions of ‘Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA)’.

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Thus, the threat of imposing economic sanctions on India is a serious threat. This is not a language of friendship. Obama and Modi were friends. Now Trump is also a good friend of Modi. President Trump also takes the advice of Modi in world politics. When we have such kind of close relations, then how can the US give such threats to us?


Where are the initiatives like ‘Make in India/ Start-up India’…

A country like India thinking about progress. We have initiatives like ‘Make in India, Start-up India’, but still we need to depend on Europe and America for the protection of the country, as these deals are big.


While making such kind of deals, many scams also happened like Bofors-Rafael. As well as they are some ‘Agents’ (Mediators) for filling their pockets through such kind of deals. And this is why these deals are important. As long as bargaining and brokerage are in politics, the political will never be cleaned and global relations have no meaning.


If India starts production of all such defense weapons, then there will be no need to be dependent on other nations. Which will also bring tremendous changes in our Foreign Policy, will create employment opportunities as well as save the huge expenditures on purchasing it. So, this is how ‘Make in India’ will be implemented in a real way!


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