The girl who opposed the virginity test prevented from playing Dandiya

PIMPRI: NPNEWS24 ONLINE- Aishwarya Bhat-Tamayachikar opposed the virginity test and the society did not allow her to play dandiya. When she came to play Dandiya they stopped the music.

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Aishwarya Bhat-Tamaychikar who is married, came to visit her mom, as the days of Navratri is going on Dandiya is being played in all parts of India and the same was the case in her society.

As soon as Aishwarya started playing dandiya, the DJ stopped the music and women stopped playing Dandiya. During this time, Aishwarya stayed there for some time, waiting for the sound to start again. After some time as Dandiya did not start she left the place asking a friend to stand there and tell her as soon as the dandiya starts.
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But as soon as Aishwarya left women in the society started playing Dandiya was started. Aishwarya’s friend told her that the dandiya was stopped because of her.

Aishwarya suspects that this incident took place as she has opposed the virginity test.  From January, Aishwarya is working with young women to protest against the virginity test which takes place in the society. She has also started ‘Stop the V ritual’ group on Facebook.
In the month of May, she refused to do the virginity test in her own wedding. Then she started the campaign against this virginity test. Thus she is being isolated by society in various ways.

Aishwarya has approached the police and told the story to the police and a case will be field soon told Aishwarya while talking with media.


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