Travel paperless anywhere in country


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What could be the big relief for motorist than the news of not carrying any documents while driving. Yes, you read that is right, from now onwards, it is not necessary for drivers to carry the original documents (hard copies) while driving anywhere in country.

The Ministry of Road Transport has launched a Mobile app named as ‘mParivahan’, by which you can get all the information about your vehicle/ motor only by inserting the vehicle’s number.

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One more advantage of this app is, customers can get relief from all the problems which comes while buying old/second hand vehicles.

This app includes all the information about vehicles like – who is the owner of vehicles, is there any action taken by transport department on that particular vehicles, whether it is petrol based or diesel based vehicle etc.

There is always debates in between drivers and traffic police, regarding to  driving license and other documents. If driver forgot to carry the driving license and other documents, then he/she have pay the penalty. So, drivers can show their driving license or other documents through this mParivahan app by digital way.

Now, digital driving license can be obtained digitally, this facility will start soon. The service of giving driving licenses digitally has been started already. So, it is hoping that, it will implement throughout the nation.

About mParivahan app:

This app is created by road transport department. If you search for all the information about two or four wheeler vehicles only by inserting the vehicle number. As well as, by inserting the license number one can get the same information. Even, it includes the information of how to get new license.

How to use this app:

First of all, You have  to download the app from Google play store. Once you opened the app after its installation, you will get two options of Virtual RC and Virtual DL. Then home page will get open and after selecting the search option, you have to simply add the vehicle number and you will get detailed information about it.