RPF team caught mobile theft only within 4 minutes

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The questions are always raised on the working capability of Police officers. Many people blame them for their slowness or inactiveness.

You might get shocked because of the alertness of Police Officers, in an incident at Nagpur Railway Station. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has caught a theft only within four minutes of time with the help of CCTV cameras (Closed Circuit Television).

A modern technology – Integrated CCTV Surveillance System has installed at Nagpur railway station. Railway Protection Forces always keep eye on the suspicious activities of people/passengers through this system. The theft was also captured red hand in CCTV camera.

The arrested theft name is Sheikh Shabbir Sheikh Babbo. Babbo was wandering near the ticket window of Nagpur railway station. At that time, he saw an expensive mobile in the pocket of a sleeping passenger. Then he slowly removed that mobile from passenger’s pocket and ran from the spot for escaping from there

A team of three RPF officers was watching the activity of Sheikh Shabbir in CCTV camera while stealing mobile. Then, two officers reached at the spot immediately, as soon as they saw the incident. Another officer kept eye on Sheikh Shabbir through various CCTV camera, for coordinating with that two officers. And finally, these officers caught Sheikh Shabbir only within four minutes and arrested him. The RPF team recovered the stolen mobile phone from Sheikh Shabbir.

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Then the passenger (whose mobile was stolen) called in RPF office for returning his mobile. In this way, the team of RPF officers prevents a crime because of their alertness and using advanced technology for safety point of view.

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