Tree branch fell on 5 Firefighters causing severe injury

Immediately firemen were rushed to the hospital after which



Suddenly when huge raindrops started falling in the city of Pune with heavy thunderstorms and lightning, people faced trouble as many trees fell down due to strong winds.

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Pune witnessed a huge rainfall which started from Tuesday evening around 8:30 onwards.

According to reports, a total of about 40 trees fell down in the entire city. In a shocking incident, 5 firefighters who went to clear out the blocked roads due to trees have fallen on roads, got injured during the process.

The five men included two drivers and 3 firemen, all of them were injured and were rushed to the nearby hospital immediately.

A leading fireman, Nilesh Mahajan said, “Last night a lot of trees fell down in various areas of Pune. Around 10:30 and11 o clock in the evening, our cars were standing near to the trees fallen which had blocked the roads, our people were working in the area to clear out the roads, suddenly a huge branch of a tree fell on them. Five soldiers including our drivers were injured severely. A commoner who was standing there to watch the whole scenario also got stitches in the hospital.”

He added, “We have some machines like chains to cut trees with us which our men were using. Such an incident has not taken place before.”

The driver has got an internal brain injury, has been kept under observation in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) out of which 4 firefighters have been released from the hospital early in the morning around 4 o’ clock.

The name of the driver in ICU is Nitin Kamble. Rest others are released out of which are other driver named Bandu Gogawale, firemen Chagan More, Bhushan Sonawale, Ajim Sheikh have got internal injuries.

The affected areas majorly were Koregaon Park, Yerwada.

The incident took place in the street no. 7 when due to the fallen trees the street was blocked. Two rescue vans were sent by the fire brigade team.

In the lane number 5 of Koregaon Park, on the area of North Main road, many trees fell due to heavy winds which had blocked the roads causing heavy traffic congestion.

Heavy rain not only caused traffic congestion but also, the traffic was diverted from North Main road. Also, some cars which were parked on the street destroyed.

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