Transgenders came forward to help victims of canal burst of Mula river

Mekhola Mukherjee


A few days back, a major canal burst in Pune’s Mula river took place which caused huge damage to life and property of many. Some are affected by skin diseases and some have faced a huge financial loss.

A group of 20 transgenders came forward to help out the people who are facing a tough time dealing with a huge loss caused due to the canal burst in Mula river.

Such group of transgenders cooked food themselves for the victims of the canal burst and distributed among them. Medicines will be distributed to them a day later such information was received by the good Samaritan transgenders.

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They gathered together near to Dandekar bridge of Pune around 12 o’ clock in the afternoon and henceforth distribution started from 12 pm onwards.

Around 200 people were distributed food to the villagers. A huge crowd of villagers gathered in a line to collect the food which was home-made

Chandni Gore, a transgender said, We run a Nirbhaya named organization in which we take care of all the crisis of all the people across the city. We are working on such cause since 3 years. Many people are deprived of their needs after the canal burst. We have taken the responsibility to distribute the foods to the people.

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Some people had collected money for marriage, some had bought new clothes for them, all are gone in the water. We will give medical facilities to the affected people who are affected by various skin diseases.

It is indeed a noble cause in which such initiative has been taken to compensate for the losses of the victims.

Transgenders taking such initiative is really appreciable as such thought is unique. The thought of the condition of the affected people is a noble cause in itself.



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