After women protests will Supreme Court rethink on Sabrimala verdict?



A fortnight ago, Supreme Court had given its verdict allowing women of age between 10-50 to enter the Sabrimala Temple freely, without worrying about their menstrual cycle.

Some youngsters and other people rejoiced on the decision of Supreme court, claiming it to be justified and that such verdict should have been given by SC long ago.
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But, since last few days, women and girls of Kerala seem to be unhappy with SC’s verdict.

Many social activists, women, and girls are on the streets demanding for the apex court to review the decision on its verdict.

Around 4000 women had protested outside the temple demanding Kerala government to file a review petition.

According to the activists and other women of Kerala, the 800-year temple has its own rituals and religious rules made by us which cannot strike down in a one go.

They said that the women and girls of 10-50 years of age are prohibited to enter temple since long which has it own valid reason. And, the reason behind this is the respect we give to Lord Ayappa, we believe in our god and such decision is a disrespect to god.

Protests were witnessed in the Mandalam area of Kerala, as well as many other various parts of Kerala.

The verdict was given by a three-judge constitution bench in Supreme court, on which many women and well known social activists had expressed their happiness and pride supporting the judgment by SC.

Activists like Trupti Desai, were in news after the verdict.

Now, the question arises is will such protests affect the verdict of SC and will the Kerala government file a review petition to rethink on the decision and prohibit the women from entering the temple again?

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