Traning Camp for security guards on behalf of Police

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The theft incidences in societies are increasing nowadays. Most of the time such incidents happened when security guards deployed. Sometimes such incidences happened by in presence of security guards also, which raises the question on their duty and character too.

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It happens because, the security guard’s organization didn’t verify the character of security guards. Therefore, sometimes such incidences did by security guards itself.

As well as, security guards do not have proper knowledge of handling many things like – checking documents, checking CCTV cameras (Closed-circuit television camera), how to handle emergency situations like fire catching incidences, lift accidents etc. So, it seems that there is a need of training for them to handle such situation more skillfully.

It has been observing that, for doing the business of security guards, it does not require the license, so this business is running without a license. The President and Secretaries of Co-operative Housing Society also left all the responsibilities on the security guards and get busy in other activities.

For solving all these issues, a senior police inspector of Wakad -Satish Mane organized training camps, as per the instructions are given by Police Commissioner R K Padmanabhan and Senior Police Commissioner of Pimpri Chinchwad Makarand Ranade.

At the beginning of this camp, the security persons were told that what to do and what should not at the workplace, how to use modern technology and guidance on how to protect the housing societies.

Also, Sharad Shrivastav, crime prevention expert, guided on the safety of the security guards and on the modern security arrangements, firefighting officer -Chipade, Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Council guided about the primary solution after fire out. Service Manager of OTIS Company -Ronnie Chaudhary provided guidance on how to handle an emergency situation.

As well as, Namrata Patil the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Pimpri Chinchwad said that there should be good communication between security guards and residents of the society. She also said that security guards should observe the visitor’s activities instead of only using a mobile phone at the workplace.

There is a total 350 society under the jurisdiction of Wakad Police station. The program was organized on October 1, Monday, at Balaji Society College Hall, Tathawade, Pune. Around 750 security guards, security guard organization owner, supervisor, around 250 housing society members were present for this program.

Deputy Commissioner of Police of Pimpri Chinchwad Namrata Patil, Assistant Police Commissioner of Wakad Department -Shridhar Jadhav, senior Police inspector of Wakad -Satish Mane, and other officials were present for the program.

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