Coach of the train derailed in Khandala


On Wednesday the coach of the goods train derailed at the Khandala tunnel area between Pune Mumbai railway station, due to which the traffic on this route has been stopped for some time. This incident took place at 5 o’clock in the morning.

The more details about this incidents are that the goods train was coming from Mumbai to Pune. While passing through Khandala Ghat, a coach of this train was suddenly derailed around at 5 o’clock in the morning. Then rail traffic was disturbed for some time.

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As soon as the railway administration got this incident’s information, they have corrected the traffic on Pune and Mumbai. There is no any kind harm of in this incident as it was a goods train.

Before 10 days ago (24 August), in this Khandala Ghat between Lonavla- Karjat near Monkey hills, middle line has been closed for some time due to collapsing big rocks on the railway track but at that time traffic on this route has not been stalled.

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Increase in railway accidents:

This is not the first time of derailing the coaches of the train, before some days ago such incidents happened and this raising a question on working of railway administration.

The majority of railway accidents happened due to derailments. Most of the accidents happened due to the failure of railway staff like – carelessness in work, bad observations (ignoring things), adopting od shortcuts, not following safety rules and procedures etc.

Luckily today’s’ train was not a passenger train, no one was injured in this incidents or there are no casualties reported from this incident. Reactions are coming from people like- What will happen if it was a passenger train… Millions of people travel daily by trains if such incidents happened continuously, then where is public safety…

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