The flood situation in Kerala continues to be grim due to very heavy rainfall and release of water from major reservoirs over last one week. The Indian Army has risen to the challenge in supporting the Kerala State administration by undertaking round the clock rescue and relief operations since 09 August 18. A total of 10 columns and Eight Engineer Task Force (ETF) comprising of about 1500 Troops distributed into almost 100 teams are operating in the all districts of Kerala except Kasaragod, Kottayam, and Kollam.
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Apart from this one column is also deployed in neighboring state of Karnataka (Kodagu district). In responding to the severity of the situation, the Indian Army has beefed up the column from Bangalore and Secunderabad to affected areas. In addition, some divers from Special Forces have been also stationed at Disaster Control Cell to cater for any  

The focus of activity continues to rescue stranded civilians from marooned areas by using rafts, boats and local expedients. Concurrently, areas cut off due to landslides have been reconnected by the clearing of debris and construction of temporary bridges at many locations. So far approximately 25 temporary Bridges have been constructed/repaired and approximately 40 major roads have been opened/cleared for the general public. Medical aid in the form of direct help or by facilitating the civil administration has been provided to more than2000 people in the affected areas.

More than 4000 civilians have been rescued and moved to safer locations. Assistance to civil administration is also being provided in the distribution of relief and Ready to eat meals for the stranded civilians. Synergy with all agencies involved in Disaster management has been established along with the establishment of Disaster Control Cell at Thiruvananthapuram

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