Negligence by the Corporation led to food poisoning?



In a tragic incident, 12-year old girl child of Mumbai based girl died after complaining food poison in hospital. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) –run Urdu medium school in Mumbai’s Shivaji Nagar area at Shivaji Nagar, Govandi lost her life due to suspected food poisoning. Moreover, about 139 children have been admitted to Rajwadi Hospital, Mumbai. The number of students admitted to the hospital might increase further.

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The children absented the class on Friday and complained about severe stomach ache and vomiting since last night.

The cause of the poisoning suspected by the doctors most probably is due to intake of improper food or medicines. According to sources, the possible cause could be due to the medicines which were given to the children by the government authorities.

Police are still probing on this case as the reason for the poisoning is not yet been determined. The possible cause of the poisoning can be due to the medicines given by the government.

Reportedly, the expiry dates of the medicines were not checked properly before giving vaccination to the students by the doctors.

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This case has put up a big question mark on the alertness of the government. If the poisoning is led by the expired medicines then it is a strict case of negligence by the corporation.

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